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Based on the popular MXS, the MXS-RH is a one-of-a-kind, all carbon-fiber masterpiece.  This single seat, competition and airshow - ready aircraft is designed and built by MX Aircraft in North Carolina, and incorporates design modifications suggested by Rob himself.  Powering this aerobatic monster is a Lycoming engine producing 380 horsepower.  Weighing in at a minimal 1200 pounds, this state-of-the-art aerobatic masterpiece boasts astonishing performance, is capable of pulling 16 positive and negative Gs, and rolls at nearly 500 degrees per second.  In the skilled hands of a master like Rob Holland, the MXS-RH’s performance is “game-changing” and allows him to perform the innovated maneuvers unequalled on the airshow circuit.


The MXS-RH is powered by 540 cubic inch AEIO-540 built and modified by Lycon Aircraft Engines.  With components from Champion Aerospace, Airflow Performance, B&C Specialty products, Airflow Systems, BMRS, Hutchinson, and CJ Aviation, this pumped up engine produces over 350HP and spins a beautiful Whirlwind 400AC, three bladed, wide chord, seminar shaped propeller.



The wing of the MXS-RH is incredibly strong, stressed to +/-16gs.  It is an amazing airfoil for both “Aresti” and “Freestyle” styles of aerobatics.  The full span aileron provide excellent roll control from high speeds down to zero airspeed (the inboard section of the ailerons are in the prop wash at all times providing roll control even at zero airspeed.). The MXS-RH has a blinding roll rate well in excess of 450 degrees per second.  The Ailerons have been modified with slightly more deflection for better roll rates at lower airspeeds.


The Cockpit of the MXS-RH was laid out to Rob Holland’s exact specifications.  A tremendous amount of thought was put into the ergonomic layout of all the controls and avionics to increase efficiency.  The Heart of the the Avionics system is the MGL iEFIS by MGL Avionics.  Rob chose MGL Avionics for their reliability and the customizability.  


Every detail of each screen on the display was designed by Rob to give him the exact information he wants, when he wants it, and displayed how he wants it.  Whether flying Cross Country to and from airshows, or flying a bone crushing aerobatic routine, The MGL provides Rob with all critical information with an easy at-a-glance format.  


Flanking the iEFIS screen is a standard altimeter and airspeed indicator provided by Kelley Instruments.  Rob uses these as his primary airspeed and altitude indicators during aerobatics.


Safety is of top importance at ALL TIMES.  Rob’s MXS-RH is equipped with a custom Hooker Harness safety harness.  It employs a double ratchet system to tighten Rob down in the plane snug and securely and also has a second safety lap belt for redundancy.

Rob wears a Bonehead Composites Pilot X safety helmet.  This is his helmet of preference.  It is incredibly light and much lower profile than many other helmet types providing more headroom in the tight space of the MXS-RH.  He equips his helmet with Oregon Aero  padding and ear cups for the ultimate in comfort.

Keeping with safety, Rob always wears a Summit Parachutes custom built emergency parachute.  It is very thin and light giving Rob maximum room and comfort in the cockpit while not sacrificing on safety or effectiveness.



The Fuel system in the MXS-RH is designed for sustained inverted flight.  The compete system is divided into 5 separate fuel tanks.  The fuselage tank (header tank) is 17 gallons and is the only tank that is used during aerobatics.  Each wing has two, 20 gallon tanks (40 gallons total per wing as opposed to 20 gallons per wing in a standard MXS). This fuel is only used for cross country flights.  With a total of 97 gallons of usable fuel, the MXS-RH has incredible range with over 6 hours of endurance.



The Landing gear, wheels, and brakes are all designed and built by Grove Aircraft Landing Gears Systems.  The Landing gear is all aluminum and very light while not sacrificing strength.  The Brake lines are gun drilled right through the middle of the gear.  The Brakes are a double puck system for excellent braking.  Rob exlusivly uses Goodyear 500-5 Tires and tubes for reliability.



The fuselage of the MXS-RH is an all carbon fiber monocoque design.  It is light weight and very strong.  Everything is purpose built for strength, minimum weight, and maximum aerodynamic efficiency.  The cowling is a two piece system (upper and lower half) that utilizes Skybolt Fastener 1/4 fasteners to hold it in place.  The Cowling can be easily removed (and reinstalled) by one person in less than 5 minus helping to maximize efficiency when maintaining the airplane.

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